Income Producing Property (IPP)

This unique program has been designed and developed by The Solution Group Corp in order to convert distressed assets into profitable residential real estate, maximising investment returns within the Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

Key features of this program

  • Focusing on middle class property (“work force housing”)
  • Offering alternatives to those who have lost their home to repossession
  • Sourcing properties primarily built after 1980
  • Seeking residences located within developed communities
  • Participating significantly in the Section 8 Federal Housing subsidy program.

What we do

TSG Europe Ltd acts as the European contact for all sales & marketing enquiries on behalf of The Solution Group Corp:

  • The Solution Group CorpĀ  analyse, evaluate and acquire properties which meet the parameters of our proprietary acquisition model 
  • Refurbish residences in accordance with Section 8 of the Federal Housing Standards*
  • Rent at the current market rates
  • Offer practical and diligent property management and administration services.

Through this program, The Solution Group Corp has developed more than 2000 properties in the Southern Florida area since 2008. Purchasing one of our properties allows our clients to benefit from a competitively priced property and stable income, whilst producing real estate assets which will appreciate in value for a mid to long-term holding life.  

*Section 8 is a federal housing assistance program whereby the federal government through grants to local agencies pays part or the entire rent for family with low income. In order for properties to qualify for Section 8, they must meet certain standards.

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