USA Company formation

USA Company FormationAmerican Company Formation

The USA has the biggest economy in the world, with a population of 315 million people. The fifty states within the country each have different geography, climate, consumer markets, regulations, and business practices, creating an incredible diversity across its 3.79 million square miles.

All American states are regulated by federal law, a free enterprise system which provides a liberal business environment. This, combined with the huge and varied natural resources throughout the country and well educated work force, produces the biggest GDP in the world, making the USA the richest country in the world.

The timescale for setting up an American company is approx. one week, depending on receipt of all relevant information and state legislation. The range of available company forms in the USA encompasses all types and sizes of business. Company formation requirements vary with state but generally at least $1 of share capital and one director, along with a local bank account and office is required.

Our company incorporation partners, Universal Company Incorporations Ltd. Can provide a one stop shop for all your incorporation requirements in whatever state you need to establish in the USA.

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