Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Purchasing a property overseas will probably be one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Clients frequently overlook Foreign Exchange when transferring money overseas as a part of a property transaction both for the deposit and stage payments. Fluctuation of exchange rates means that there is a risk of lose money depending on how small or large the transaction is.

Foreign Exchange companies may offer better rates of exchange than banks and post offices with lower transfer fees and quicker transfer times. They can also forward buy which mean that you are safe in the knowledge you know what the exchange rate will be on your purchase.


  • 30 years of industry experience
  • Excellence in personal service
  • Global presence
  • Direct debit convenience
  • AFEX Direct Online payment system
  • Access to 24-hour global trading
  • Assistance in protecting profits
  • Competitive real time exchange rates
  • Up to date and relevant market information

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