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  • Fully managed & “Hands off property acquisition”
  • High yielding, below market value property*
  • Income paid monthly
  • 100% refurbished property
  • Buoyant rental market
  • Established market
  • Researched in depth with all the facts & figures
  • Proven & experienced Management Company


TSG Europe is the exclusive marketing partner of The Solution Group Corp, a Miami based property specialist and a leading expert in fully managed property acquisitions in Florida.

The Solution Group Corp offers a unique program purchasing and refurbishing distressed property in Southern Florida, which has been applied to more than 3,000 properties to date.

 Their program is built on a detailed and analytical approach to the property market:

  • The Solution Group Corp has invested in distressed properties rescued through auctioned real estate programs.
  • The Solution Group Corp has carried out a current market valuation which is available for all current inventories.
  • TSG Europe Ltd has partnered with The Solution Group Corp as its exclusive marketing agent to provide you with information relating to The Solution Group Corp’s portfolio of properties.

Property prices in South Florida have fallen dramatically in the past seven years, and although prices have shown signs of growth, recovering 16% in December 2012 from a year earlier, they are still as much as 50% lower than in 2006. *

The rental market in South Florida, however, remains buoyant – in no small part due to demand for rental property from individuals who were impacted by foreclosure or are unable to secure a mortgage in the current economic climate.

As a result Yield rates for Florida properties have remained solid, with 6-8% an achievable figure.

*The above information was provided by The Solution Group Corp.

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